Gregory Gross

Professional Work

I produce reliable and well-performing database and business intelligence solutions.

I offer broad and deep skills across several areas of data development. My talents enable me to deliver focused, nimble solutions to specific problems as well as end-to-end systems that are complete and well architected. My experience with transactional and dimensional databases, data cleansing and transformation, multidimensional analytical systems, predictive analytics, and reporting enables me to create the right solution using the right technology.

Database Development

Relational database development and SQL querying is at the heart of my skill set. Whether the requirements involve high-traffic transactional systems or analytically-oriented reporting scenarios, I bring years of experience to the table.

Data Integration

Different systems often need to talk to each other and exchange data. I have deep experience in both data migrations from old to new applications and data integration for data warehouses.

Data Warehousing

From dimensional modeling to physical database and data integration development, I offer skills and experience in design and implementation for data warehouses, which often require a different mindset than transactional systems.

Business Intelligence

Reports and dashboards provide high-level perspectives that let business users keep an eye on progress towards accomplishing their objectives. Data pivoting and aggregation give users the opportunity to leverage familiar analytical tools like spreadsheets to explore their data and see trends across several dimensions over time. Prediction and machine learning allow users to discover patterns that exist in large data sets, patterns that are not immediately obvious or accessible using gut-feeling intuition alone. I practice a wide variety of abilities across all of these business intelligence activities.