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Huge Prominence

July 28, 2023

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WARNING: When observing the Sun, be sure to use only equipment designed specifically for that purpose and produced by reputable manufacturers. Follow their directions closely. Do not improvise your own filter material for solar observing. If you are careless, you risk instant and permanent injury and/or vision loss.

Perusing the internet on my iPad over breakfast, I happened to turn to my solar activity monitor that I have on my website. I was shocked to see an absolutely huge prominence lifting off the Sun likely as the result of a rather strong flare. I quickly got myself setup and captured what little remained of the fast-moving event whose climax I missed unfortunately. Still, the progression of images is neat to see.

Huge prominence
A series of eight images I took of an exploding prominence (upper right) with my Canon EOS M200 attached to my 60mm Lunt H-alpha solar telescope (animated GIF made via
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