Questar Advertisements
Gregory Gross

Why Don’t You Keep an Eye on Things

Introduction of the Questar Autocollimator (June 1971). Introduction of the Cinema Model (June 1971). Introduction of the Questar Television Camera (June 1971).

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Questar advertisement, <em>Construction Methods and Equipment</em>, July 1970
Questar advertisement, Construction Methods and Equipment, July 1970. Questar Corporation via

Construction Methods and Equipment (Construction Contracting), July 1970, 168.

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Questar advertisement, <em>Scientific American</em>, June 1971
Questar advertisement, Scientific American, June 1971. Questar Corporation

Scientific American, June 1971, 55.
Scientific American, July 1971, 43.
Modern Photography, August 1971, 4.
Modern Photography, September 1971, 12.
Modern Photography, February 1972, 6.
Scientific American, March 1972, 82.
Modern Photography, July 1972, 12.
Modern Photography, October 1972, 8.