Questar Advertisements
Gregory Gross

This is Questar

First appearance in an advertisement of the cut-away Questar illustration.

Full Page Vertical

Questar advertisement, <em>Sky and Telescope</em>, December 1963
Questar advertisement, Sky and Telescope, December 1963. Questar Corporation

Sky and Telescope, December 1963, IFC.
Sky and Telescope, January 1964, IFC.
Sky and Telescope, June 1964, IFC.
Sky and Telescope, July 1964, IFC.

Two-thirds Page Vertical

Questar advertisement, <em>Natural History</em>, August-September 1964
Questar advertisement, Natural History, August-September 1964. Questar Corporation

Scientific American, July 1964, 123.
Natural History, August-September 1964, 59.