Gregory Gross

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Lunar Eclipse of October 8, 2014

During the early hours of October 8, 2014, I woke up early to observe the total eclipse that occurred that night. It was an amazing experience. Here are some highlights from the numerous pictures I took with our point-and-shoot camera aimed through the eyepiece of my 102 mm Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope (1300 mm focal length; all photos are through a 25 mm Plössl eyepiece).

Penumbral Eclipse Begins, 1:17 AM

Full Moon, 1:47 AM
Backyard Perspective (Telescope and Finder Scope in Upper Right), 1:56 AM

Umbral Eclipse Begins, 2:18 AM

Early Stage of Eclipse, 2:20 AM
Early Stage of Eclipse, 2:26 AM
Backyard Perspective, 2:32 AM
Eclipse Sets In, 2:48 AM
View of Progressing Eclipse from the Perspective of the Unaided Eye, 3:01 AM
Later Stage of Umbral Eclipse, 3:13 AM

Total Eclipse Begins, 3:27 AM

Beginning of Total Eclipse, 3:27 AM
Total Eclipse Continues, 3:33 AM

Maximum Total Eclipse, 3:55 AM

Just after Maximum Total Eclipse, 4:03 AM

Thanks to Jim Todd of OMSI for lunar eclipse times.